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New 2024 Fake Books Decor | Faux Books Decor Boxes | Designers Books Decor | DIY Home Decor | Fast Shipping US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ, Russia, Europe and Asia | 400+ Fake Book Designs | FREE Shipping | Up-to 40% OFF Sale | Budget Pricing.


About Us is Australia's Trusted Online Fake Books Decor Store. We have been selling all sorts of home decor and art styles since 2008. Quality fake books decoration for home, office, hotels, clubs etc.

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We ship decor books FREE across USA, UK, AUS, NZ, Russia, Europe and Asia and delivery takes around 12 to 20 Days. We can ship to virtually any address in the world (100+ countries). 


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Best Customer Service
We believe in providing the best customer service. We strive hard to resolve any customer questions or inquires on a prioity basis.


Unleash the Storyteller Within: Book Decor for Every Space
Books are more than just portals to fantastical worlds and knowledge; they're beautiful objects with the potential to elevate your home decor. Here at, we offer a curated selection of book decor to add a touch of literary charm and personality to any room.


Curate Your Coffee Table with Style

Coffee tables are prime real estate for book decoration. Explore our collection of coffee table books that double as stunning conversation starters. From art and photography masterpieces to travelogues and design classics, find a book that reflects your interests and complements your existing decor.


Faux Books: The Secret's All Yours

Embrace the art of illusion with faux books and decorative book boxes. These stylish replicas come in a variety of colours, textures, and even distressed finishes. Use them to stack and create a layered centerpiece, or arrange them on shelves for a curated library look.


Decorative Boxes: A Place for Hidden Treasures

Decor book boxes are more than just eye candy. These beautiful boxes with book-like exteriors offer a stylish storage solution. Tuck away keepsakes, trinkets, or even remote controls to keep your space clutter-free while maintaining a touch of literary flair.


Travel the World from Your Living Room

Spark wanderlust with travel book box decor. Featuring stunning world maps or iconic landmarks, these decorative boxes add a touch of global charm to your space. Use them to store travel mementos, or simply let them inspire your next adventure.


Beyond the Living Room: Books Breathe Life into Every Space

The magic of book decor isn't limited to the living room. Here are some inspirational ideas:

- Livingroom:
Perfectly inviting and captivating styles to bring wow to the rooms.
- Bedroom:
Add a touch of whimsy with a stack of faux books in calming pastel tones.
- Bathroom: Create a spa-like atmosphere with decorative boxes featuring botanical prints.
- Entryway: Welcome guests with a warm and inviting display of vintage-style books.


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We believe that book decor is more than just aesthetics; it's a way to tell your story and create a space that reflects your passions. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect pieces to add a touch of literary magic to your home.