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4 Best Fake Books Cubicle Decor Designs

4 Best Fake Books Cubicle Decor Designs

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 1st May 2023

Decorating your cubicle with fake books is a unique and enjoyable approach to adding sophistication to your desk. These designs resemble traditional hardback books but are hollow inside, letting you keep small items inside or utilize them to hide clutter. This blog highlights the five best imitation book cubicle decor ideas that will dazzle your coworkers and give your workspace a touch of class. Furthermore, these faux book décor ideas range from minimalist to vintage-inspired solutions, making them ideal for any workspace.

AD Faux Book Display

Three exquisitely crafted book decorating art pieces are included in this typography modern fake book decor set, which can enhance any space in your office or house. These take their cue from the minimalist elegance of contemporary interiors. Adding a backless chair and a flowerpot with a plant can make your home feel sophisticated and welcoming.

Dome of The Rock

This set of seven exquisitely crafted books decorating art pieces in the typography retro fake book decor style will give a touch of refinement as office decor. These have been influenced by well-known architectural structures worldwide, including the Dome of the Rock, the Acropolis of Athens, and St. Basil's Cathedral. You can use them to display your passion for history and architecture on coffee tables or bookshelves.

Flower Market

The bustling Flower Market inspired the abstract floral theme of this faux book decor in Tokyo. This faux book is the ideal coffee table or bookshelf decor for any flower or nature lover, featuring a lovely red flower on the cover. For a unified effect in your living room or office, use it as a stand-alone statement piece or combine it with other faux book decorations.

Paris Fake Book Decor

Any fan of fashion or Audrey Hepburn will find this faux book décor set to be a stunning addition to their home. This font's modern fake book decor design receives a sophisticated touch from the piano and figure graphics.


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