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5 Best Decorative Book Box Collection

5 Best Decorative Book Box Collection

Posted by Ana Stone on 7th May 2023

Decorative book boxes are an increasingly popular and flexible element in home décor. These boxes have similarities to readers, but they are containers for storage that may be used to store small goods or as a decorative feature on shelves, coffee tables, or even home office decor. If you're looking to add some ornamental book boxes to your home, here are five of the most significant collections to consider:

Amalfi Fake Book Decor Set

This 4-piece faux book decor set brings together a vacation series of fake books for home fashion decoration, featuring striking designs like curved stains, varicoloured shades of the abstract evil eye, and foliage stains all bound together with a typography vintage fake book decor design. You can display these travel-style books as elegant soft fake book decorations and elevate your living space.

Bouquet of Leaves Display Book Book Decoration

Gazing at the Bouquet of Leaves Display Book, you will be captivated by its vibrant leafage design inspired by Henri Matisse's Cut Outs and Papiers Decoupes. Is this faux book decor a work of art and a functional and versatile addition to your living room, coffee table or bookshelf?

Flower Market Columbia Fake Book Decor Table Decor

If you admire the Flower Market Columbia Fake Book Decor, you will be instantly transported to a colorful botanical flower market filled with vibrant hues of wildflowers and abstract flowers. Bound together using a typography retro fake book decor design, this set is perfect for DIY living room decor or as part of your coffee table or bookshelf decor. The vintage floral art designs and watercolour flowers make these faux books a beautifully crafted book decoration art piece that adds a touch of nature to any space.

Jean Louis Designer Books

These four pieces of book decoration art are ideal for DIY living room decor on your coffee table or bookshelf, adding sophistication to any home. Perusing the Jean Louis Designer Books, you will find incredible home decor and interiors by Jean Louis Deniot. This faux book set features a modern, typographic design that compliments its beauty.

Monochrome Home Fake Book Decor

When you admire the Monochrome Home Fake Book Decor, you cannot help but appreciate the elegant interiors in black and white. This fake book box set is perfect for interior design and home decor. With a typography modern fake book decor design, this set includes a lady line art figure, chair, lamp, flowerpot, and books. It is a beautifully crafted book decoration art piece and a functional storage book for your DIY living room decor, coffee table decor or bookshelf decor.


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