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5 Best Fake Books Living Room Ideas

5 Best Fake Books Living Room Ideas

Posted by John Wright on 2nd Jul 2023

Regarding decor, the living room is the first space we consider. A living room can take on several roles - an area reserved strictly for entertaining guests and hosting small get-togethers or a homely space where the entire family relaxes after a long and tiring day at work. Due to this versatility, the living room decoration needs special care. It should be complementary to all the roles that your living room plays. If you are looking for the ideal gift for your friend who is enthusiastic about home decor, we suggest you look into fake book gifts. These are multipurpose decor items - on the one hand, they enhance the beauty of your living room; on the other, they serve as storage units for small essential items.

We have an extensive collection of fake book gifts. You will find several designs to your liking. Here are our top 5 picks - get a closer look at them!

Flowers Faux Books for Decoration

Flowers are the most common symbols of love, joy, and purity. An innocent charm is associated with flowers, making them a favourite home decor item. This faux book set features white and pink roses, which signify loyalty and gratitude. If you want your living room to emanate such positive values, you should definitely purchase this set.

Japan Beauty Faux Books Display

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you will want to find ways to incorporate your fashion sense into your living room decoration. This fake book set is best suited for your purpose. The greyish tones of this set give it a voguish appearance, adding elegance to your room. This set is also an ideal gift for your fashionista pal!

Jean Louis Deniot Interiors Book Decoration

Jean Louis-Deniot is a world-famous interior designer from Paris, renowned for his lavish and enchanting interiors. If you are a home decor enthusiast, you probably have already heard his name and would love to own his books on interior design. We can offer you a faux book of his work.

London Decorative Book Box

London is a dream holiday destination for many - if you too have an affinity towards this city steeped in history, you will love this typographical faux book. The black-and-white cover gives a modern vibe and suits any contemporary home decor.

Tulum Sol Y Vida Fake Book Decor

Do you love travelling around the globe and collecting memoirs to keep the memories in store? If you have been to exotic destinations like Tulum, Ibiza, Capri and the like, you will adore this travel faux book set.


Our innovative fake book gifts will be helpful when you struggle to find proper living room decoration. They are subtle yet effective and add the right amount of chic to your modern-day living room. To see more of our collection, head to the Bookdecorfactory online store - we will gratify all your home decor needs.