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5 Best Fake Books to Add Beauty to Your Dining Table

5 Best Fake Books to Add Beauty to Your Dining Table

Posted by Adam Milne on 26th Sep 2023

In every home - the dining table is reserved for delicious food, classy decor, and heartfelt conversation. Having elements that reflect your taste and spirit is a must. Thus, elevate your dining table decor with a touch of sophistication using the artful charm of fake books. These versatile decor pieces effortlessly blend the worlds of literature and aesthetics, creating an ambiance of timeless elegance. The perfect blend of utility and beauty from fake books decor can transform your dining experience without much effort.

Wondering what pieces to buy for your home? Here are our top 5 picks from our collection to help you reinvent your dining table decor.

Butterfly Girl Fake Book Decor Set

If you're a fashion fan and all things fancy, you cannot let this fake book set go. With its monochromatic covers adorned by famous fashion icons, it'd mesh well with your interior design no matter what the existing colour palette is. If you're a fan of getting the most out of your purchases, you can even use its hollow section to store accessories you can pick up just before running out of the house.

Marrakech Faux Book Decoration

Even if you can't go on a vacation every day, with this piece, you can surely daydream about the warm streets of Morocco from the comfort of your home. The neon colours on this fake book cover are pleasing to the eye and will help you make your dining space look more exotic.

Merry Christmas Designer Book D├ęcor

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you combined the two most comforting things in the world together? You'd get this book set! With the holiday season just a few months away, cat lovers can bring home this table topper to bring a smile to everyone's face each time they sit down to eat.

Ibiza Fake Book Decoration

There is nothing lovelier than a pop of pink to look at while you wine and dine on a weekend night. So, make this Ibiza fake book the centrepiece of your dining table decor to bring just the right amount of eccentricity to your surroundings.

The Starry Night 4 Piece Set

Van Gogh's artwork has inspired generations of art connoisseurs, so have it handy on your table anytime you need to feel motivated by the maestro. This Starry Night fake book set helps you put your passion right on your table and makes for a great conversation starter.


Your home is an extension of your personality, so choose fake books that help you build the dining room of your dreams. Check out more of our fake book decor at the Bookdecorfactory online store to find the set that matches your needs.