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5 Best Fake Designer Books Decor

5 Best Fake Designer Books Decor

Posted by John Wright on 13th May 2023

Fake designer books are an excellent choice if you like designer labels and want to add some high-end flair to your home decor but are hesitant to spend several hundred dollars on luxury home furnishings, accessories, or artwork. They are not only affordable but can also add an element of sophistication and elegance to any room. Here are five of the best fake designer books decor options available:

Athens Culture Greece Book Decoration

If you're a fan of Athens culture Greece, you'll love the book decoration set inspired by various global destinations. From Barcelona Arte Y Mar to Ibiza Bohemia in Spain, Marrakech Jardin in Morocco City, Miami Beach and Palm Beach in the USA, and Tulum Sol y Vida in Mexico, these DIY living room decor pieces are perfect for adding a touch of style and sophistication to any space. With eight beautifully crafted book decoration art pieces, this faux book decor set is a must-have for any book lover looking for unique and eye-catching decor.

Flowers Book Decor

Featuring elegant and lifelike floral designs, these book decorations are inspired by the charming scenery of Italy. The typography of modern fake book decor design adds a touch of contemporary flair that complements any DIY living room decor. These beautifully crafted book decoration art pieces make a perfect faux book decor for any room decor, adding an extra layer of character and beauty to your home.

Love Shelf Books Decor

Featured with dried golden wattle flowers, Australian native flora yellow, leaves, flowers, and chairs, these Nordic homes' interiors and design-inspired book decorations will surely enhance any living space. This 4-piece fake book decor set includes a mix of plants, blankets, pillows, frames, windows, flowerpots, and more, making it a versatile home d├ęcor piece that you can use in various DIY living room decor settings.

New York Faux Book Set

If you admire cityscape art, this fabulous 4-piece New York faux book set is ideal for your home decor. With renowned buildings from NYC, such as the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Buildings, alongside renowned highlights from London and Paris, including Tower Bridge and the Eiffel Tower, these books are gorgeous, crafted art pieces.

Santorini Summer Book Decoration

This stunning book decoration set is perfect if you're looking for Santorini summer vibes. With varicolored shades of abstract evil eye designs inspired by iconic destinations such as Ibiza, Bohemia in Spain, Capri Bliss, and Tulum Beach in Mexico, each book is a work of art.


Fake designer book decor can complement any room decor, bringing an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance to any area of the house. These are only five of the top choices, but plenty more designs are available at Bookdecorfactory that you can choose from. So, pick one that complements your style and personality to elevate your home design to the next level.