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5 Inspiring Book Decoration Trends for Contemporary Room Designs

5 Inspiring Book Decoration Trends for Contemporary Room Designs

Posted by Ashley on 30th Dec 2023

Not only do fake books provide fun, but they also have the potential to enhance the individual style of a home. You can use Faux book decoration for stylish room design regardless of whether it’s a comfortable reading corner, a modern study, or even an upmarket living area. This article will outline five inspiring book decoration trends for contemporary room designs that will make your space stunning.

Architectural Digest Fake Book Display Book Decor

Architectural Digest is a good example of how to use book decoration to enhance the beauty and usefulness of your space. You may want to consider using this fake book as a bookshelf accent or coffee table decoration in order to give your room decor some elegance and sophistication.

Burn Book Decorating Bookshelves

Embrace the sass with "Burn Book," a contemporary fake book that screams attitude. Lips, coloured in red, steal the spotlight, while "mean girls" typography whispers secrets in a modern font. This bold design isn't just for fans of the movie. It's for anyone who loves statement pieces. So, unleash your inner Regina George and let this faux volume ignite your room decor with a spark of rebellion.

Home Fake Book Decor

Your contemporary room’s book decoration can be uplifted with this elegant Home Fake Book Decor. Dive into a black and white theme decorated with a stylish flower design and “Home” written in modern style. Through this stunning false decorative book, your space is easily turned into a sophisticated mix of personal expression and refinement.

London Faux Book Decor

Elevate your book decoration with the enchanting London Faux Book Decor. This intricately designed piece captures the essence of London with scenes of boys riding horses, iconic landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, and modern typography.

Multicolor Flowers Book Décor

The Multicolor Flowers Book Décor will change your space into a different one. This is because the faux ornamental book has very vibrant colours of flowers and leaves that remind someone of a French garden. It is an elegant book decoration, with coordinates Paris written on the spine of the book and a drawing of the Eiffel Tower at the back that combines beauty and sophistication.


Whether you prefer minimalistic aesthetics, find yourself attracted to vintage charm or are inspired by the trickery of floating shelves, there is a book decoration trend to match every style. You can elevate your living spaces with faux decorative books from Allow your room décor to tell its own story as you think outside the box, one book at a time.