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5 Trendy Fake Book Desk Decor Ideas

5 Trendy Fake Book Desk Decor Ideas

Posted by Keira Knightley on 25th May 2023

One of the most unique and innovative ways to decorate the desk in your office or workstation is to add some fake books. These items add a touch of sophistication and class with their distinguished designs. They also double up as storage spaces since you can keep small knick-knacks inside the hollow space of the fake books.

These faux books are the ideal desk decor for your office since they brighten up your workspace and come in various designs you can choose from based on your taste and the mood you want to create. Here are some faux book decor ideas from Bookdecorfactory, ranging from minimalist to bright, colorful designs to more muted and elegant tones.

Monochrome Home Faux Book Set

This piece is set in monochrome, adding a touch of sophistication. This design gives your office space a sense of luxury and class, adorning your desk with its soft colors of rose gold, cream and white. You can also use it for coffee table decor and storage since the hollow space inside can store your keys and other small items.

Landscape at Collioure Table Decor Book Decor

This faux book decor is adorned in shades of blue, red and green, making it look highly aesthetic. It also has the appeal of abstract art with its unique design, which you can use to make your office look more sophisticated and distinguished. You can also store small articles inside the book. It also comes in a closed-book style if you don’t want to store anything inside.

This Is Home Book Decoration

The faux book design looks straight out of the pages of Architectural Digest, with its minimalist tones and images of an elegant living space. This set gives you a sense of vintage class and adds light tones to an otherwise dreary workspace. If you are aiming to brighten up your desk, look no further!

Crack Down Faux Book Decoration

The design here takes a leaf out of the pages of a classic comic book. It adds a fun, quirky vibe to your desk and helps you work in a relaxing and peaceful environment. Its storage space also helps remove excess clutter from your desk and organize your workspace.

Merry Christmas Faux Book Decoration

If the holiday season is approaching and you want to reflect in your office by adding a touch of warmth, this desk decor is the perfect choice. Adorned in red, green and white motifs and featuring pretty designs related to Christmas, this set will spread some Christmas cheer even when you are working.


If you love these designs, there are more equally impressive and elegant faux book decor sets on the Bookdecorfactory website. These sets will catch your eye and add that X-factor to your workspace, making it more aesthetic and organized. Be sure to check out more such imitation book sets only on Bookdecorfactory!