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5 Trendy Table Accent Ideas for Your Home Office

5 Trendy Table Accent Ideas for Your Home Office

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 5th Sep 2023

Home office decor requires creativity, space management ideas and attention to detail. Decorating a home office is trickier than a home, as you must merge creativity with productivity to optimise the available space. Moreover, you cannot incorporate heavy decor items and striking units in an office space that will disrupt the sombre ambience.

Therefore, you need to choose the decor wisely, and we suggest you opt for table accent ideas with fake books. These decor faux books are double as highly functional storage spaces where you can keep your office stationeries. Please look at our top 5 faux books that will give your office an upgraded look!

Attract Fine

Add soothing pastel shades to your home office decor with this set of six fake books. The colour palette is subtle and will not affect the office’s mood. You can stack these faux books on the bookshelf to give it a fuller appearance or place them strategically on your table to give it an upgraded aura.

Beaute Fatales

Are you working in the fashion industry? Then this set of four designer faux books is a must-have for you! It features beauty icons of the past and the present, namely Audrey Hepburn and Gigi Hadid. These will add value to your home office decor and suit your preferences.

Elle Decor Decorative Book Set

Showcase your love for home decor with relevant table accent ideas reflecting your choice and taste. The duo chromatic colour palette will add sophistication and elegance to your home office and suit the modern and contemporary decor.

Love Faux Book Decoration

Love is a universal feeling that knows no bounds. Give your home office a touch of the warmth of love with this Keith Harrington illustration of a human figure with a cartoon heart head. It looks quirky and fun, adding a sense of ease to the room.

Peace & Love Faux Book Decor

Is tea your lifeline? Does it give you the energy to deal with the happenings of every day? Then, this captivating faux book featuring a cup of rich brown milk tea will be ideal for your home office. A slight touch of colour will enhance the decor of the room.


Set a new trend in the home decor field with table accent ideas that are trendy, chic and worthy of appreciation. They will brighten your home office room and add the perfect amount of artistry to it. The Bookdecorfactory online store is sure to please your home decor-loving soul.