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6 Best Faux Book Ideas for Study Room Decoration

6 Best Faux Book Ideas for Study Room Decoration

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 16th Oct 2023

Study rooms have a serene and sobre ambience that cannot be hampered. Therefore, decorating a study room requires more effort and presence of mind. Books are essential to study room decor, so we suggest you invest in a few fake books with attractive designs to give your study room a makeover!

Check out our 6 best faux book decoration ideas.

Dead Sea Fake Book Decor

The Dead Sea is a picturesque water body that displays extraordinary shades of blue and green throughout the day. This fake book cover design beautifully captures the purity and enchanting aura of the Dead Sea, and it will look great on a wooden study table.

Homebody Fake Decorating Book

Showcase your love for home decor through faux book decoration ideas. This fake book cover design focuses on optimising your home’s decor and looks classy and chic. It will add value to your bookshelf and a subtle hint of elegance to the decor.

Sweet Home Book Decoration

Here is another faux book cover design promoting the importance of home decor. The yellowish-greenish colour of the cover is soothing as well as attention-seeking. It will add an understated glow to your study room decor.

Tuscany Summer Faux Book Decoration

If you are an adventurer who cannot sit still in a place for too long, you should incorporate your passion for travel into your study room decor. We have a set of four fake books featuring Madrid, Ibiza, Tuscany and Marrakech, and these will look perfect in our study room.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is the magnum opus of William Makepeace Thackeray, and if you are a literature student, chances are, you have already come across this book. If you have not, get this sleek-looking black-and-white designer fake book. It will give your study room a classy upgrade.

White Rose Fake Book Decoration

Incorporating flowers into your home decor is always a good idea, as they help spread positivity and a lively charm. This set of fake book covers with floral designs is appropriate for your study room. It will add a stunning radiance to the room.


At Bookdecorfactory, you will get attractive and unique faux book decoration items that will add creativity and enliven your room. These also come with hidden storage spaces to stow away your stationeries. Since efficient decor can help increase productivity, you should take your pick from our online store and start your home decor journey right now!