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6 Perfect Fake Books Gifts for Men

6 Perfect Fake Books Gifts for Men

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 22nd Jun 2023

Gift-giving is an act of love. People tend to express their love and affection through gifting. The closer we are to a person, the more unique and meaningful the gift is. Still, sometimes we are out of ideas and cannot think of a noteworthy gift. For times like these, we have a remarkable gift idea for you! If you are searching for a superb present for a man, decorative books are your best choice! They will serve a double purpose. Along with adding a sense of aesthetics to your room, these faux books will also help you get more organized.

Here are 6 decorative books that are perfect as gifts for men.

Bondi Beach Fake Book Decoration

This is the perfect faux book set for travel enthusiasts. The designs on the covers are cutesy and have a charm of their own. The pastel-coloured covers will brighten up the decor of any room. These will look great beside your coffee table.

Butterfly Girl Faux Book Decoration

Art is a universal language - it can connect people worldwide. These faux books are ideal as gifts for artistic men who derive pleasure from the artworks of famous artists like Henri Matisse. The covers of these books are highly captivating - the girl with butterflies and the line art of a woman are bound to catch the eye of every passerby.

Dubai Faux Book Decor

The Dubai Wonder is the ultimate faux book for a man who has either been to Dubai or is planning to have the experience of a lifetime in Dubai really soon. The classy and industrialist look of the book exudes an aura of sophistication.

Living Ayurveda

A person interested in ancient Indian medicinal science or Ayurveda will love to keep this faux book in their home. The use of similar shades of colour on the book cover gives it an even tone. The subtle use of red gives vitality and vibrancy to the entire cover.

Portraits Fake Book Decor

Architectural pictures have sophistication in them. This edgy-looking faux book will bring elegance and a sense of urbanity to a home. It is a stylish and polished home decor item that will enhance the contemporary look of any space.

This is Home Decorative Bookshelves

This faux book will be the ultimate gift for anyone looking to add homeliness to their houses. The creative book cover complements any modern home decor with a vintage charm.


If you are still exploring options for gifts for men, we have your back! You can choose from a vast collection of decorative books that fit your style quotient. We at Bookdecorfactory have much more to offer you - come and visit our online store!