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7 Best Fake Book Diy Room Decor Ideas

7 Best Fake Book Diy Room Decor Ideas

Posted by Ana Stone on 26th Jun 2023

We all want our rooms to look organized, bright, and lively. However, simply arranging the furniture and placing everything neatly is not enough. You must add some touches to create a sense of beauty and elegance in your room. Fake books with beautiful covers and storage space inside are the perfect solutions for your DIY room decor aspirations. If you are not an avid reader but still wish to fill your bookshelves or desk, these faux books are the ideal items to invest in.

This blog brings you some of the best book decor ideas from their website.

La Japonnaise Matisse Art Bookshelf Decor

This faux book is inspired by the abstract La Japonnaise painting by the famous French painter Henri Matisse. It features pretty reds, blues, and greens, which highly complement the rest of your room. It also comes with some hollow space inside, where you can store small items.

London Book Decoration DIY Room Decor

The fake book here features the iconic skyline of London in a pretty and minimalist way. If you are a travel freak and love visiting the world's famous cities, this one is the perfect choice to adorn your bookshelves.

Woman Line Art Fake Book Display Henri Matisse Art

Another one of Matisse’s works inspires the cover of this faux book, and if you are a fan of minimalist art a la Picasso, then this is the one for you. This design has line art, adding an elegant, artistic touch to your room.

Positano Faux Book Decor DIY Room Decor

Inspired by the exotic coast of Amalfi in Positano, Italy, this faux book cover featuring brilliant colors and tropical designs is the ideal pick to brighten up your desk space and add a spark of color to an otherwise gloomy room.

New York Faux Books for Decoration DIY Room Decor

This set is your go-to if you want book decor ideas to make your room look more sophisticated and modern. Featuring the metropolitan skyline of New York City, it adds the perfect urban touch to your room and makes it look more elegant with its black-and-white appeal.

Breakfast Fake Book Display Book

The fake book here is the ultimate choice for a foodie. So, if you appreciate good food, this faux book is ideal. It features an image of a healthy and attractive breakfast platter and gives the reader a minimalist appeal.

Athens Culture Faux Book Decor

If you are a history enthusiast, this fake book decor option is ideal. It is inspired by the ancient Greek capital Athens and is set in cool tones of blue and grey, adding a calming effect to the overall appearance of your room and giving you extra storage space inside.


These options are some of the best picks for DIY room decor and are highly useful as storage units. In addition, they enhance the room's overall appearance and come in various options to suit your taste and preferences. Bookdecorfactory website has many faux book decor options like these, so be sure to check them out!