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7 Best Faux Books for Living Room Decor

7 Best Faux Books for Living Room Decor

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 8th Jul 2023

A living room is an essential part of a home. It is where a family spends a significant portion of their day together. Therefore, living room decor should project positivity, love and solid familial values. To enhance the beauty of your living room, we suggest you invest in faux book decorations. They are fun and add a subtle charm to a room.

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for faux book decorations - we have the ideal starter pack for your living room!

Art of Living Book Decor

Get this fake book with styling inspirations to show your interest in home decor and its primary characteristics. The off-white tone of the cover is perfect for classy home decor. It will look great strewn across your centre table.

Elements of Family Bookshelf Decor

The appeal of a home is generally reflective of the bond and values shared by the family residing in it. If you believe a home can be prim and proper while housing an entire family with kids and pets, you should get this fake book about living room decor.

Greece Fake Book Display

If you love to travel and collect memoirs, this travel book set is ideal! The colour palette is lively, and the typography exudes a sense of cosiness that will amplify your living room’s fun and homely side.

Peony Flowers Book Decoration

Peonies stand for goodwill, joy, beauty, and love. It emanates positivity and has the power to lighten up rooms and people. Keeping a fake book designed with classic pink peony flowers will help attract positive vibes.

Steal Like an Artist Fake Book Display Book Decor

‘Steal Like an Artist’ is a book by Austin Kleon that teaches artists to learn and take inspiration from the work of others. If you are an artist, this fake book with a quirky and attractive design is a must-have for your living room.

The Heart Faux Book Decor

This fake book design of Keith Haring’s ‘Dancing Heart’ promotes a sense of togetherness and belonging. It is optimistic and portrays the power of love and the joy of finding harmony. It will look perfect in your living room.

White Rose Faux Book Set

Roses are always the best choice for decorations. They can immediately uplift the vibe of any room and bring in love and delight. So decorate your living room with this set of fake books featuring gorgeous white and pink roses.


If you want to upgrade your living room decor without incurring large changes, then faux book decorations are the best option. These designer books not only beautify your rooms but are highly useful too. They have hidden storage facilities inside the outer covers where you can store essential items. So get your hands on these unique decor items now!