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7 Coffee Table Books Decor Designs

7 Coffee Table Books Decor Designs

Posted by Adam Milne on 13th Apr 2023

Your home office is where all the important work happens. Are you planning on some innovative home office decor? How about utilizing some book decor designs for the same? The best part is that you can easily incorporate them into your existing decor by arranging them in different ways, stacking them, or pairing them with other decorative items. Here are seven top coffee table designs for you.

Flower Market Bologna | Faux Book Decor | Bookshelf Decor

This vintage-inspired faux book design featuring exquisite watercolour flowers and typography allows you to create delightful home office decor. The vibrant colors of the Bologna flower market inspire this image.

Berggruen | Vintage Matisse Book | Table Decor

This piece is ideal for a coffee table or bookshelf and combines botanical art and Matisse's skill. Matisse's renowned Papiers Decoupes inspire it and pays homage to the 1953 Berggruen & Cie exhibition in Paris.

Stone Texture Design | Faux Book Decor

This stunning fake book decor will bring a touch of class and refinement to any living space. The mottled marble pattern and stone texture design provide a striking modern abstract look.

Capri Bliss Decorative Bookshelves

This stylish faux book decor inspired by Capri's floral bliss would look great in your living room. Furthermore, the lovely font would complement your shelves, study tables, and coffee tables.

Design | Faux Book Decor | Storage Book

Here's another one-of-a-kind book decor design that will look great on your coffee table. This one has a distinctly modern art charm, showing a sophisticated still life of BoConcept furniture.

Flower Garden Faux Book Display

Who doesn't like to look at flowers? With this modern faux book design combining abstract leaf art and fine typography, you can bring the beauty of a flower garden into your living room decor.

Tulum Mexico Decorative Bookshelves

This lovely book d├ęcor is excellent for bringing the laid-back and tropical sensations of Tulum, Mexico, into your living room. This artwork incorporates botanical art and typography inspired by Tulum's beachy environment.


Did you love these exclusive coffee table book decor designs? Not only are these faux books beautiful, but they also serve as functional pieces of decor. Moreover, they are versatile enough to complement any decor style, whether you prefer a minimalist, contemporary look or a more traditional, classic aesthetic. So, get your favourite book decor design today at Bookdecorfactory immediately!