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7 Lovely Faux Book Gifts for Your Mother

7 Lovely Faux Book Gifts for Your Mother

Posted by Emma Anderson on 9th Oct 2023

Mothers are the unsung heroes of our lives. They put their dreams and desires on hold to give us a fulfilling and wholesome life. We should celebrate their greatness every single day - but as Mother’s Day is around the corner, it is another day to show them some affection and make them feel special and appreciated. Most mothers have an affinity towards home decor. In their leisure time, you will find them scrolling through the pages of interior design magazines and making our homes look awe-worthy. So, as Mother’s Day gifts, we suggest you give them faux book sets.

Here are a few of our best picks for Mother’s Day gifts. We can assure you, your mothers will love you for these!

Athens Riviera Book Decor

If your mother is a history and archaeology enthusiast, she probably reads and knows much about Athens and will not mind a faux book designed on the Athens Riviera. This light ochre-coloured book cover is ideal for subtle home decor.

Beaute Fatales Book Decor

Mothers who love fashion are religious about every fashion world update. Make her happy with this Paris and fashion-centric faux book cover design. The grey-toned cover gives a modern edge to the book, and the dark red and white colours give it brightness.

Dreams Collector Book Decor

This faux book cover depicting red roses and beautiful floral artwork of a woman is stunning. The red and white combination will brighten up any room and give it a lively appearance.

Barcelona Fake Book Decor

The travel and adventure-seeking mother will love this set of four faux books. The covers are typographical prints of famous tourist destinations like Santorini, Ibiza, Barcelona, and Capri. So if your mother likes to travel, this is the ideal gift for her.

Elements Style Book Decoration

This faux book is our pick for all mothers who love designing and decorating homes. It features the cover page of interior designer Erin Gates’s famous book - ‘Elements of Style’. The black-and-white combination adds a classy touch to the decor.

Italy Flowers Bookshelf Decor

Flowers spread cheer, joy, love, and innocence, making them a favourite home decoration item for many interior designers. If your mother likes to incorporate flowers in her decor, gift her an evergreen bunch. This faux book cover features a beautiful set of delicate white flowers that will give your room a warm look.

Traveler Fake Book Decor

Here is another fake book for your travel-loving mother. The beach and tropical-themed cover will bring warmth and light to your room. It also radiates a breezy and comfy feeling that will give your room a cozy vibe.


Satiate your mother’s hunger for the perfect home decor with faux book sets as Mother’s Day gifts. These fake books serve double purposes - beautifying your homes while serving as storage spaces for small, everyday essential items. And we all know that moms are admirers of multipurpose things. See your mother’s face light up at the sign of these fake book sets!