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7 Popular Fake Books For Office Decor

7 Popular Fake Books For Office Decor

Posted by Sara Taylor on 26th Nov 2023

When it comes to office decor, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere is essential. One of the most popular trends in contemporary office design is using books for office decor. However, not everyone has a library full of old leather-bound tomes or a collection of intellectual classics. That's where fake books come into play. In this blog, we will explore seven popular fake books for office decor, offering a unique twist on the traditional bookshelf.

Home Fake Book Display Faux Book Decor

Add a touch of magic to your home with this captivating faux book decor. Dress your office environment in this stylish black-and-white book decoration. You can bring some style into your room by using contemporary typographic designs for fake books. Let your creativity take you to places with DIY living room decor.

Wild at Home Book Decor Shelf Decor

"Wild at Home by Hilton Carter" is an excellent floral art fake book cover that can be used to transform your workplace into a lovely garden for birds, flowers, and other creatures. Hilton Carter's skill in styling and caring for plants is evident in this stunning book cover. This is an odd yet attractive fakebook for office decor. This is a great combination of nature and design for a tranquil setting that promotes both relaxation and creativity at the workplace.

Flowers Book Decor Table Décor

An exquisite and eye-catching fake book that has “Italy” written on the cover and “Flowers” inscribed on its spines would make a perfect addition to your office décor. It makes an exquisite choice for a coffee table or bookshelf and seamlessly blends art with function.

Skull Faux Book Decor

This modern faux book decor seamlessly combines the elegance of literature with contemporary design, making it an exquisite addition to your workspace. Alexander McQueen: The Savings Beauty is inscribed along its spine in typography to redefine your workspace aesthetics with this beautifully deceptive bookshelf decor.

Rotterdam Espana Book Decor

Makeover your office and turn it into an irresistible retreat with Rotterdam España Book Decor. This modern design is inspired by the Zaanse Schans windmills that are brightly coloured, featuring images of windows, flags, water, and blooms that bring that bit of Dutch influence into your office environment. This is a distinctive fake book that will integrate art and functionality into one stunning creation.

Paris Designer Book Decor

This Paris Designer Book Decor is a delightful merging of art and literature, conveying a chic and inviting charm to spice up your office area. With intricate depictions of trees, serene landscapes, graceful women figures, and vintage Parisian typography, these faux book decorations are true masterpieces and have a natural way of blending in with the interior décor, giving beauty to each piece and adding grace to any office.

Jasmine Flowers Book Décor

Bring the mystique of Jasmine Flowers Book Décor into your working environment. Artfully designed, this floral modern fake book is remarkably attractive in nature and its own beautiful style. Adding a rare combination of a natural environment would lift up your working space just like a spring morning in a blooming nature.


Incorporating fake books into your office decor can be an exciting and imaginative way to elevate the ambience of your workspace. One place where you can explore a wide range of fake books for office decor is Bookdecorfactory. We offer a diverse selection of faux books, including the styles mentioned above, along with the option to customize your own unique designs. With Bookdecorfactory, you can transform your office into a personalized haven that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.