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9 Best DIY Faux Book Shelf Decor

9 Best DIY Faux Book Shelf Decor

Posted by Sara Taylor on 7th Apr 2023

Decorate your home to reflect your sense of style to stand out for its sophisticated elegance. Bookdecorfactory provides a novel assortment of home ornaments—book decorations—to enhance your space. Here is a collection of the most beautiful books for decorating your home.

Blooming Flower

This elegant book decor is the perfect choice for adorning spaces atop your desks and coffee tables, suited to fit in both official and informal settings.

Ibiza Bohemia

If it is something colourful and bold you seek for bookshelf decor ideas, then this book decor might be right up your alley.

Italy Fake Book Decor

This dainty book decor is well suited to adorn your coffee table as well as the interiors of your room. The luxurious finish to it makes it all the more apt a choice when it comes to decorating your space.

Rose The Parfumes

The sight of this lovely book decoration is enough to motivate you to do some good in the world. It is an excellent choice for office as well as living room decor.


If you want something unique, this decor piece is perfect!

View of Collioure

If every piece you choose has to have some meaning, consider getting this piece of home decor for yourself.

Merry Christmas Book Decor

This is the perfect bookshelf decor to remind you of Christmas! Avail it for yourself such that it can make the perfect bookshelf decor when the season arrives.

Miami Beach

This is it if you want a faux book to serve as a great living room decor!

Jasmine Flower Book Decor

If you love flowers, you might consider adding this faux book decor to your living room decorations, which are bound to add to its elegance.


Did you take inspiration from these creative ways to display books and win the admiration of your guests? If so, head on over to Bookdecorfactory right this second to place an order. In addition, the website contains many additional products you can browse to find a book decor that best fits your vibe. Happy shopping!