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Best Faux Book Coffee Table Decor

Best Faux Book Coffee Table Decor

Posted by Josh Phillips on 19th Apr 2023

Does your productivity increase in a cafeteria? Do you work better under aesthetic conditions? Undoubtedly yes! Bring a café-like ambience to your home by adding faux books to your home decor. Showcasing intellect and brilliance, they add a touch of smartness to the room. Whether you're a passionate reader or a non-reader, faux book decor is an effortless, eye-catching idea, especially for your coffee table.

Indeed, breakups are devastating but have you ever ruined your favourite book with stains? Because that's a nightmare. With faux books used for your coffee table decor, you don't have to fear ruining your favourite book and still have books as a part of your decor. Here are a few fantastic faux book coffee table decor ideas you should check out.

Paris Book Decor

This is a luxury-style book decor set of 4, including 2 faux London books, 1 New York and 1 Paris. The London faux books give off a sophisticated vibe- one has a dancer woman on it while the other has the fascinating London Bridge. The Paris faux book has a white flower, giving a stylish, chic vibe. The New York faux book is plain black with no design, as the city's name speaks for itself.

Home Decoration Bookshelf Decor

Pleasant and not distracting, this faux book with a cup of coffee and a spoon on it will sit perfectly on your coffee table. It might even get camouflaged, but it doesn't make your table look empty. Instead, it seamlessly adds a touch of modernity to the room.

Delicious Places Book Decor

Romanticize drinking coffee by using this faux book with an Instagram-worthy picture on its cover. Best faux book decor for foodaholics to make their home express their personality.

Flower Fake Book Decor

Maintenance of real flowers can be quite a task, so fake flowers are the way to go.

The adorable dancing flower is a Keith Haring pop art. It adds a touch of freshness and playfulness that your room needs.


This minimal faux book has a marble-like texture. It has one leaf on its front and one on the back. This simple faux book should be your pick if you are not looking for something extraordinarily fancy.


Bookdecorfactory provides the best faux book decor items you should unquestionably include in your home decor to make your living space lively and aesthetic. The faux books come in 2 styles, closed book and open book. The open book style acts as a mini storage box where you can fit small items like keys and remotes while the closed one remains closed but looks the same. So, quickly grab your high-quality faux book decor.