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Buy Books for Decoration and Change the Look of Your Home

Buy Books for Decoration and Change the Look of Your Home

Posted by John Wright on 6th Nov 2023

Are you looking for a little change around the house but unsure about the pocket pinch? Fear not; we at the Bookdecorfactory have the perfect home decor item for you. Buy books for decoration that will boost the look and vibe of your home without burning a hole in your pocket. These multipurpose designer books come in various sizes that can easily fit on your coffee table and give your home an effortless, glamorous appearance.

Check out our favourite fake books right now -

Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh never needs an introduction. The prolific Impressionist painter created masterpieces that still turn the heads of millions of people. His most famous artwork, ‘Starry Night’, has been incorporated into various household objects. Now, you can display it at home as a part of your decor. This Starry Night-inspired fake book is ideal for all art lovers.

Margaret Atwood

If you are a bibliophile or a literature enthusiast, chances are you have come across Margaret Atwood and fallen in love with her writing style and her female characters. As an ode to her finest piece of writing titled ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ you can keep a designer book that is a reproduction of the original novel’s cover.

Marble Texture

If you want to buy books for decoration that will add subtle colour and vibrancy to your home, a marble-textured book cover will be apt. The marble texture is often associated with elegance, grace and luxury and having a similar designer book on your coffee table will speak volumes about your taste and style.

Lemon Slices

When decorating the rest of your home, do not forget your kitchen. In modern times, the kitchen has become one of the most important spaces in the house where the whole family assembles to eat or have a bonding time cooking. This book cover featuring juicy lemon slices will add an instant touch of colour to the kitchen, brightening it.

Van Gogh

Here is another of Van Gogh’s gems titled ‘Almond Blossoms’. It depicts a stunning still-life of an Almond tree filled with delicate, white almond blossoms against a beautiful blue backdrop. If you have a particular affinity towards this artwork, bag this gorgeous designer book cover now!


Would you happen to know the most interesting thing about our designer books? They come with hidden storage spaces where you can place your valuable items. Not only do they add to the aesthetics of your home, but they also act as portable drawers to store your daily essentials. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy books for decoration only from Bookdecorfactory.