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Decorating Home for Less: Using Fake Designer Books for Home Decor

Decorating Home for Less: Using Fake Designer Books for Home Decor

Posted by Sara Taylor on 21st Jul 2023

Everyone wants and deserves a place they can call home. To give a structure of four walls the essence of a ‘home’, we decorate it with precious, unique items that resonate with us. Sometimes, such home decor materials can end up draining our pockets. There has to be a cheaper alternative to high-end home accessories. Worry not, for there is a solution to this - have you heard of fake book decor? These are decor objects that look like hard-bound books. They have designer covers that give them an attractive appearance and add a touch of aesthetics to your home. Moreover, these designer books double as storage spaces for small, essential objects. Whether looking for quirky home decor or new and exciting gift options, fake books will be your best choice!

We have a few suggestions if you are new on your home decor journey. Check out these six fake books from our website:

Day Dreamer Fake Book Decor

Daydreaming is a favourite pastime of many! Showcase your love for it through your home decor. Get this set of fake books featuring pretty, pastel-shaded book covers. The titles are catchy, and the colour palette will soothe sore eyes.

Wild Fake Book Display

Sometimes simple designs can be most effective. If you are a fan of minimalist decor, you will love modest pastel book covers with plain typography. They are versatile and can be paired with heavily adorned home decor items. You can also use them for kids’ rooms.

Red Truck Christmas Season

When Christmas is around the corner, there is an upheaval about decorating homes with festive decor. With this Christmas-themed fake books decor item by your side, you will win at the decor game! Moreover, these designer books can make for great Christmas gift ideas too!

Lana Del Ray Book Decoration

Is listening to the melodious voice of Lana Del Ray your favourite way to relax? How about owning a book cover dedicated to her celebrated album ‘Ultraviolence’? Let your home decor reflect your likes and dislikes to make it feel cozier.

Matisse Collection

The artworks of Henri Matisse - the renowned French visual artist, are a treat. The vibrant colours and authentic ideas will also look charming in your home. If you want to incorporate art into your home decor, a Henri Matisse fake books decor set will be your best choice!


If any of these items have sparked your interest, we suggest you visit our online store at the Bookdecorfactory. You can choose from the endless decor items at your fingertips. So give fake books a chance and watch your rooms light up!