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Designer Style on a Budget: Decorating with Fake Designer Books

Designer Style on a Budget: Decorating with Fake Designer Books

Posted by Adam Milne on 28th Jul 2023

Whether you are a bookworm or an occasional reader, you cannot deny the aesthetic quality of a book. Imagine a wall in your living room covered with various books from the bottom to the ceiling - the idea is enticing. Despite its appeal, it is not easy to implement - primarily because of the cost it entails. Original books can cost you hundreds of dollars, but there is a cheaper alternative in the market - it is fake designer books. They cost less than authentic books, come in various sizes and attractive designs, and double as utility boxes or storage spaces! What more could you possibly want from books you were never willing to read?

Here are six fake designer books recommendations that will light up your home decor.

Inspire Your Home Faux Book Decoration

If you love greyscale decor ideas, you can give your rooms a new look with this set of fake books. The grey, white, and black covers are classy and add elegance to your home decor.

Washington America Faux Book Decor

Do you love to travel the world and collect memoirs? You should get a faux book set based on the major cities in the world. It will align with your passion for roaming the world and spark an interest in your adventure tales among your guests!

Sydney Australia Book Decor

Australia is a famous tourist destination. If you have already been to the land of kangaroos, koalas, and the popular Opera House, you will find this Sydney-Australia typography faux book quite eye-catching.

White Rose Fake Book Decoration

Who doesn’t like flowers? They are perfect for decoration purposes and give new life to dull rooms. If you want everlasting flowers, you will love fake book decor featuring beautiful and delicate white roses.

England London Fake Book Decor

Architecture is a fascinating subject. If gorgeous, vintage buildings and monuments attract you, you should keep a set of fake books showcasing the Big Ben of London and the Neuschwanstein Castle of Deutschland.

Sabtorini Greece Fake Book Display

If your room has a pale palette, you can brighten it with vibrant and colourful fake books. The more colours you will add, the better your room will look. You can use this set of faux books - their covers have a muted and warm-toned colour palette.


To get more such alternative home decor ideas that are pocket-friendly and impactful, visit the online store of Bookdecorfactory. You will find a wide variety of fake designer books to choose from. So without wasting any more time, head to our website and shop to your heart’s content!