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Elevate Your Room with Popular Designer Books Decor

Elevate Your Room with Popular Designer Books Decor

Posted by Sara Taylor on 19th Sep 2023

Designer books decor can change the way your home looks. Designer books can add weight to your room, enhance its grace and promote your refined taste through your home decor. Whether you like to read books or like to own books with ornate covers, these fake books can easily become your best friends! Moreover, these are multipurpose tools as they come with hidden storage spaces where you can stow away all your daily essential items!


If, like most living humans, you share the dream of visiting Paris, commemorate the dream and manifest it with a classy designer book that beautifully portrays the fashionable side of the ‘City of Love’. The black-and-white colour combination of the cover gives it a vintage charm that will spread through your room. Attract the eyes of onlookers whenever they pass by your coffee table!


The French Visual Artist Henri Matisse is famous for his masterful use of bright and vibrant colours. If you are an art enthusiast or simply like colourful objects, a Henri Matisse-inspired fake book design is exactly what your home needs. This floral book cover will add some much-needed colour and vitality to your room, giving it a newer look.


The Tower Bridge in London has always been a busy spot for tourists, and owing to its iconic design and structure, it has come to become a representative of the city of London as a whole. If architecture interests you, or you feel drawn to the history of London, you should get designer books decor featuring the bridge.

Merry Christmas

Are you bored of the same old Christmas decorations at your house every year? This year, you have the opportunity to change it and give your Christmas decor an aesthetic boost. This Christmas-themed book projects fluffy cats with Santa caps. It will definitely spread cheer and also reign in the festive mood at your home.

Elle Decor

If home decor fascinates you, you should invest in designer books that showcase your passion for the subject. The Elle Decor book is the right fit for you, as it displays the best of home decor and serves as an inspiration to many households. Add elegance to your coffee table and bookshelf with such fake books.


Now that you have delved into the enchanting world of designer books decor, we are sure you will not be able to leave without getting a few for yourself. So, treat yourself to unique and innovative book decor by browsing the online store of Bookdecorfactory. Here, all your home decor needs will be met at strikingly affordable prices!