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Enhance Your Study Room with The Best DIY False Book Ideas!

Enhance Your Study Room with The Best DIY False Book Ideas!

Posted by Keira Knightley on 12th Sep 2023

A study room is a unique space for every individual. It must be formal enough to ensure there is no distraction during their study or work session, but at the same time, it needs to match your aesthetic so you can be completely comfortable. When decorating your study room, a DIY false book is one of the few products that can fulfil these contradictory requirements. If you are looking for affordable faux books online, look no further than Bookdecorfactory. Their specially curated collection of false books has unique designs and superb quality. Some of their top-selling DIY books that can add a special touch to your study room are given below.

Woman Line Art Fake Book Display Henri Matisse Art

The outstanding work of Henri Matisse inspires this stylish and minimalistic faux book. The monochromatic colour scheme of the book suits the formal space of a study room. The sophisticated art of the legendary French artist also adds an intellectual atmosphere to your area.

Breakfast Fake Book Display Book

The unique aesthetic of this faux book is an ode to the most important meal of the day: breakfast. The cover features only a delicious picture of a healthy meal. The unique marble background makes the book suitable for a sophisticated study room while reminding you to start your day right.

Elements of Family Book Decoration

This beautifully crafted set includes four DIY false books with matching aesthetics. The covers feature photographs of carefully selected interior designs that soothe the tired mind and might even inspire you to decorate your rooms further.

La Japonaise Matisse Art Bookshelf Decor

This lovely faux book features another of Henri Matisse’s masterpieces. This piece will suit the room of any budding or experienced artist. The detailed brushstrokes and unique colours will add a special artistic touch to your room.

London Dining Room Decoration

The UK’s capital, London, inspires this monochromatic book. The marble pattern and the detailed line art of the London bridge on the back of the book will suit an elegant study room. If you enjoy travelling, this faux book will fit your aesthetic to a tee.


DIY false books are the perfect decoration to add to a contradictory space like a study room. Not only are they available in a wide range of designs that will suit any unique aesthetic, but they also come with a nifty storage space to keep your stationery. If you’re still deciding which design to choose, go through the faux book collection on Bookdecorfactory!