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Mastering the Art of Console Table Decor in Home Styling

Mastering the Art of Console Table Decor in Home Styling

Posted by Keira Knightley on 17th Feb 2024

Console tables are flexible furniture objects that can combine usefulness and trendy elements in any place at home. This piece may be used as an entrance table, a console table, a media console or even a display table; with the appropriate decoration, you can make it into an impressive focal point.

But how can you arrange your console table without making it look crowded or tedious? In this blog post, we will guide you through a few stunning book designs for console table decor that will help you master the art of styling your home with console tables.

Floral Vase Book Decor Coffee Table Decoration Book

"Flower Counterfeit Book Decor" is an artwork that is amazingly done, and it makes a modern addition to any console table decor once you have put it on. Floral vase, books and leaves are some of the things included in the design against a pastel background. Not only does this high-quality laminated waterproof print look great, but it also comes as an openable storage box, which adds to its overall appeal.

Mockba Poccnr Fake Book Decor

The “Mockba Poccnr” III faux book décor set is an exclusive homage to renowned landmarks across the globe. It consists of well-known international destinations such as the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids in Cairo, the Russian Historical Museum, and St Basil’s Cathedral, among others. The three-of-a-kind piece can be a great home decor idea when it comes to decorating a living room, coffee table or even a bookshelf due to its creative twist on common book decor.

Paris Model Faux Book Decor

For your living room, inject the spirit of worldliness with the Paris Model Faux Book Decor. It is a delightful composition of five sets of faux books that channel Audrey Hepburn’s classiness and other iconic elements in the design. A love for do-it-yourself will be sufficiently satisfied by this console table decor set, which gives coffee tables and bookshelves some artistic appeal.


From the above, it is apparent that there are numerous ways to decorate a console table with books and come up with great home styling for your console table. At, you will get the perfect books for your desired taste and personality regardless of whether you opt for modern minimalist, rustic farmhouse, bohemian chic, classic elegance or coastal cottage style.

It is a place where individuals who love books and want them as a home decor idea should visit. You can find anything you wish to use as console table décor, bookshelf décor, coffee table décor or any other type of book décor at