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The Art of Illusion: Using Fake Designer Books

The Art of Illusion: Using Fake Designer Books

Posted by Josh Phillips on 4th Aug 2023

Designing a home is like playing with illusions – incorporating items that might make your home look bigger or cozier without changing the rooms’ dimensions. One of the easiest tricks to achieve such illusions is using fake books for decor. These are one of the most unique home decor items you will ever find - boxes designed to look like hardcover books with empty insides. These fake books serve a double purpose - their designer covers make them look attractive, so they are ideal for home decor; moreover, the space inside helps to manage storage. You can also use these designer books as gifts for your near and dear ones.

If you are starting with home decor, we can guide you to make the best choice for your home. Check out these eye-catching fake books for decor -

Japan Beauty Faux Book Display

If the world of fashion interests you, you will love this set of fake books for decor. It will take you to the booming fashion industries of Japan and Paris, and you will feel right in place. Enhance the beauty of your home with this subtle-shaded book set.

Inspire Your Home Faux Book Decoration

In a brightly coloured room, greyscale and minimalist decor suit the best. Opt for this fake designer book set for a classy and elegant look. The book covers have inspiring messages that will uplift the mood of you and your guests. The charm of your living room will increase manifolds with this set.

Red Truck Christmas Season

Christmas is that time of the year when you want your home to look festive and immaculate. This year, let go of the old decorations and bring home this Christmas-themed set of fake books for decor. The red and white combination will instantly add a touch of merriment to your rooms. Moreover, you can also store Secret Santa gifts within these designer boxes.

Sydney Australia Book Decor

A trip to Australia is the ideal way to relax and reconnect with oneself. The lush greens of the place and the attractive flora and fauna will be etched onto your mind forever. You can keep a fake book decor of Australia as a keepsake to commemorate the time you spent there.

Matisse Collection

Are you fond of artwork with bright colours and unique figures? You will appreciate the penmanship of the French visual artist Henri Matisse. You can incorporate them into your home decor with this chic set of fake books for decor. They will add the right amount of colour and vibrancy to your room.


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