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The Impact Of Coffee Table Book Decor In Home Offices

The Impact Of Coffee Table Book Decor In Home Offices

Posted by John Wright on 27th Jan 2024

Home offices are tricky spaces to decorate. If you go overboard, you might ruin the effectiveness of the space; on the other hand, it can also lack vivacity and positivity without the touch of art and interior design. The best way to tackle this is by setting up a coffee table in the home office and enhancing its arrangements, thereby levelling up the decor. We suggest you invest in coffee table book decor to subtly boost the home office’s ambience without making it too obvious.

Vintage Matisse Book

Who said you cannot merge your passion with your profession? Promote your love for art through your home office decor with this Henri Matisse-inspired faux book. The combination of pastel shades of blue, orange and yellow will give the room a slight burst of soothing colours in the form of a beautiful flower.


If you work in the interior design industry, this fake book is an absolute necessity for your home office. It showcases your interest in your job and also sets the tone for your guests and clients by acquainting them with your work. The cool-toned, minimalist decor on the cover will give the space a rustic vibe.

Dubai Wonder

Do you call yourself an avid traveller? This set of coffee table book decor faux books is ideal for you as it shows the iconic architectural marvels of the most famous cities in the world. This set will help you keep track of all the exquisite places you have yet to travel!

Flower Market Bologna

Florals can make anything appear more appealing and pretty with their delicate elegance and unblemished grace. This fake book cover featuring a vibrant floral doodle will add a much-needed hint of colour to the coffee table in your home office.

Stone Texture Design

Textures always add a certain quirk and dynamism to home office decor. Now, you can incorporate texture the cheapest way possible with the help of faux books featuring marble-textured laminated covers. The hint of gold and grey will give your home office a classy edge.


These decorative fake books for your coffee table book decor are products of expert craftsmanship and are laminated to prevent dust and decay. They come in two varieties, one of which also works as a mini-storage box. To get your hands on these, jump on to our online store at Bookdecorfactory and start adding your favorites to the cart!