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Top 4 Console Table Decor Ideas

Top 4 Console Table Decor Ideas

Posted by Emma Anderson on 25th Apr 2023

The perfume you pick for the day or the earrings you pair your outfit with, these minute details significantly impact your appearance. The right earrings will signify your brilliant fashion taste, and the perfect choice of perfume will have people wanting to stay with you for a little longer. Whatever those little details are, they speak volumes, just like your home's decor. Each room has a wow factor, ranging from a massive, shiny chandelier to a chic faux book on your console table. As said, little things can make a lot of difference; thus, faux book decor can instantly boost the look of your room without much effort, which is a great home decor idea. Bringing suitable set to your console table will elevate your surroundings. Here are a few console table decor ideas using faux book decor.

Paris Model Faux Book Decor

Bring Audrey Hepburn's beauty, grace and charm to your room with the Paris model faux book. Returning to the 60s, this fake book should be a part of your console table decor items to give your room a classy-vintage finish. This is a set of 5 which includes 2 Paris faux books and 3 others - Italy, Japan and Poland.

Mockba Faux Book Decor

This is the right set if you love exploring other countries and their fascinating architecture. This has 3 faux books- One has The State Historical Museum on it, which is situated in Moskva, Russia and another one with The Taj Mahal on it which is in Agra, India. Finally, we get one more faux book with the fierce pyramids of Cairo, Egypt.

Matisse Leaves Fake Book Display

This is a good home decor idea if you're looking for something colourful yet not funky. It uses Matisse Leaves to give your home a vintage, retro look. The chromatic shade flowers bring warmth and joy to the room.

Sabtorini Summer Book Decor

This 6-piece book decor set gives a beachy, fun vibe. It has a "Sabtorini" Greece book, a faux Ibiza Bohemia book and 4 others. This set adds tropical energy and a hot touch to the room.


Bookdecorfactory offers an exceptional assortment of faux book decor pieces that are a must-have in your home decor to revitalize and beautify your living space. These faux books are available in two styles: closed books and open books. The open book style acts as a miniature storage box, while the closed style remains closed but looks the same. So don't hesitate to purchase your premium quality faux book decor today.