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Top 5 Fake Book Decor Design For Home Decor

Top 5 Fake Book Decor Design For Home Decor

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 23rd Dec 2023

Wondering whether you can make your home look more personal and interesting using real books if you are a book lover? Although it is beautiful and cozy to have real books in your house, they can also be heavy, delicate, and costly. This is why some individuals opt for faux decoration books as a form of home decor. False books are cheaper to buy and maintain than traditional ones, thus making them popular among many people. In this blog post, we will show you the top 5 fake book decor designs for home decor that will make your space look stunning.

African Queen Desk Décor

Reframe your home’s look with the captivating African queen desk décor, which is a blend of art and utility. It entails a modern mock book imprinted with a beautiful African woman wearing a necklace, earrings and bangle, linking style with culture. This unique piece is for your home interior design upliftment.

Aspen Style Book Decor

This is a faux book inspired by the serene beauty of ice mountains and nature, with a captivating typography and modern design. With trees, cycles, and street lamps, among others, this could add some DIY magic to your home decor. This one will help you elevate your book decor and infuse your space with the essence of natural tranquillity.

Cabin Porn Fake Book Display Table Decor

Let the “Cabin Porn” faux book display elevate your home decor with its captivating charm. This faux book decor features inspiring typography that reads, “Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere,” and captures the essence of a dense forest and a quaint wooden cabin nestled in nature.

Espana Decorative Book Box

If you love the vibrant colours and geometric shapes of La Muralla Roja, a famous architectural complex in Spain, you will adore the Espana Decorative Book Box. This book decor features a stunning design of stairs, walls, and Espana typography in a modern style. It is perfect for adding some flair and personality to your home decor.

Fashion Book Table Decor

If you love fashion and typography, you will adore this fake book decor design. It features stylish fonts and neutral colours, creating a modern and chic look for your living room. It’s a simple and affordable way to add some flair to your home decor.


Fake book decor is irresistible, no doubt. They not only celebrate literature but also improve the visual beauty of your living spaces. To reinvent your home interior design, visit and check out their fabulous collections of fake ornamental books. This digital store stocks faux decorative books that capture old-time aesthetics and come in various styles for everyone’s taste.