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Top 5 Fake Books for Desk Decor

Top 5 Fake Books for Desk Decor

Posted by Josh Phillips on 23rd Apr 2024

When it comes to decorating your office desk, you must strike a balance between functionality and beauty. Many people are using fake book decor in their workspaces. These finely crafted imitation books add class to your office table and double-up as smart places for storing small office items that you need daily. If you are looking for the best fake books for Office Desk Decor, then here is a compilation of the top 5 fake books for desk decor that are highly recommended.

Crack Down Faux Book Decoration

Have a blend of the urban, funkier style and your shelf decor when you add this faux book ornament inspired by Keith Haring’s iconic design from 1986. This typography retro piece adds a touch of art to any space and appeals to fans of urban art as well as those who love Haring’s recognisable style.

Landscape at Collioure Table Decor Book Decor

Add this “Landscape at Collioure” artificial bookcase to make your workspace more visually appealing. This museum-quality exhibit of fake book decor, based on Henri Matisse’s timeless 1905 masterpiece, adds a touch of colour and culture to any table or shelf.

Merry Christmas Faux Book Decoration

Are you looking to decorate your desk with some holiday spirit? You might want to try out the Merry Christmas Faux Book Decoration. This lovely collection exemplifies the festive atmosphere of snow-covered landscapes, pictures of Santa Claus and decorated Christmas trees.

This is Home Book Decoration

The 'This is Home' book decoration encapsulates the essence of modern home decor, adding a touch of elegance to your desk decor. Featuring titles like 'The Art of Simple Living' and 'A Century of Style,' these faux books boast stylish typography designs, perfect for sprucing up any workspace with a chic aesthetic.

White Rose Faux Book Decor Decorative Book

The White Rose Faux Book brings grace to your desk. It is adorned with beautiful, delicate floral art, including roses, which give it a natural look inside the house. Its modern typography design is ideal for shelf styling and adds sophistication to any area.


Fake book decor is a stylish and functional method of sprucing up your office desk décor. It does not matter whether you fancy old-fashioned style, a mere modern outline or even some fantasy. There is the right set of fake books for everybody’s unique tastes. So, why wait? Get these top 5 fake books for desk decor from today to transform your workspace.