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Top 5 Fake Books for Office Decor

Top 5 Fake Books for Office Decor

Posted by Keira Knightley on 14th Jul 2023

Offices are generally considered severe and grave-looking workspaces. People often overlook the importance of office decor - it has manifold effects. Everyone knows the impact a good work environment can have on employees. A pleasing and cheerful office decor can cheer up employees and create a relaxed mood. A calm and peaceful mind will, in turn, boost productivity. Many workers believe that implementing art in office decor can improve creativity. You should look into faux books if you are searching for innovative and effective office decor ideas - this means decorating a space with books. Books have a definite gravitas about them that suits the ambience of an office. The unique thing about fake books is they are multifaceted - you can use them as decor items and store important objects inside them!

We have a few exceptional ideas for book decor. We are sure you will love them once you check them out.

Golden Light Bookshelf Decor Table Decor

Your search for a classy, vintage-looking faux book is over - this sepia-toned design is stunning and will add vibrancy and colour to your office rooms. It can be used as table decor at all the tables in your office or to give the office bookshelf a more optimised appearance.

Japan Fake Book Decoration

Suppose your office is in the field of media and fashion. In that case, you will love a fake book decor of this set of fashion destinations like Paris, Japan and Polska featuring Audrey Hepburn and other known faces from the modelling and film industry. It can add vigour to office rooms.

The Open Window

The Open Window by Henri Matisse is a colourful and riveting painting. It can immediately brighten up your office room. You can keep a faux book cover featuring ‘The Open Window’ in your office room and watch how the dynamics of your office decor change.

Wonderful Time Fake Book Display

Christmas is one of the most joyful festivals in the world. Every house seems dull and neglected during Christmas, so why should your office? We have the perfect faux book set for you if you need beautiful office decor ideas for Christmas. It features the iconic Santa Claus and snowman, Christmas wreaths, socks, mistletoes, and many more. This set will add the perfect amount of Christmas cheer to your office.

Nordic Interiors Homes Fake Books Decoration

If your office deals with home and interior decor, the faux books should also reflect that. This subtly colourful set is ideal for your office, as it adds a little colour to a room without making it too vibrant. The typography prints are also soothing and perfect for the office environment.


Decorative book decor is versatile and valuable. The book covers add the right amount of colour in an office environment. Their attractive designs can add a classy and modern edge to any space. They add dimension to a room and serve as the base for other decor items. So give your office a new look and feel with our unique faux books. Head to the online store of Bookdecorfactory for more office decor ideas.