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Top 5 Faux Books For Dining Room Decoration

Top 5 Faux Books For Dining Room Decoration

Posted by Sara Taylor on 1st Jun 2023

Homes that are tastefully designed are always a delight to live in. If you are enthusiastic about interior decor and want to liven up your home to give it a more sophisticated, timeless look, adding faux book decor to your dining room is an excellent place to start. Dining room decoration has always been crucial in the overall appearance of living space. Adorning the room with elegant faux book decor is a favourable option that saves you time and money. Here are the top 5 fake books from Bookdecorfactory to liven up your dining room:

Sunflowers Fake Book D├ęcor

This design is based on the eponymous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. It is an iconic piece of art, adding a timeless element as a faux book in your dining room. In addition, it adds a quiet elegance with its shades of yellows, reds and browns. You can also use the hollow space inside this book to store some items you don't want cluttering your dining table.

Marble Texture

The faux book is ideal for dining room decoration, featuring covers of different marble designs and textures. It perfectly complements a dining room's comfortable warmth and allows you to store your knick-knacks.

Peonies Fake Book Decor

Much like its name, the peonies fake book has a cover featuring a bouquet of peonies in shades of the prettiest pink. The peonies come in hues of pastel pink, baby pink and magenta, adding the much-needed floral touch to your dining space. If you think taking care of natural flowers in the dining room is a hassle and consider fake flowers too tacky, then arranging faux books featuring these peonies sounds like the perfect fix.

Deniot Interiors

Looking for something classy? This fake book set features some classy interior decor and lifestyle-aesthetic-inspired covers. Set in shades of dusty pink, creamy white, and grey, they add a luxurious, classy element to your dining room, while the hollow space inside the book is the perfect storage unit.

Washington America Book Cover

This design is inspired by the famous Capitol Building of Washington, DC, the political epicenter of the USA. It adds style and elegance, perfectly complementing your dining room decor. The white Capitol Building set against the red backdrop adds a touch of sophistication to your room without being too loud or glaring.


Thus, if you are searching for the perfect interior decor for your dining space, something both elegant and useful, these faux books are an impressive option. In addition, Bookdecorfactory is the perfect place to look for more beautiful, high-quality imitation book sets.