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Top 5 Unique Book Decor Ideas for Your Space

Top 5 Unique Book Decor Ideas for Your Space

Posted by John Wright on 29th Aug 2023

Small and quaint homes do not require massive home decor items. All it needs is a touch of aesthetics that will upgrade the looks and vibe of the rooms. Fake book decor is one of the most unique home decor ideas for cramped rooms. These are decor items designed to look like hardcover books, with artistic and creative cover designs. They are simple yet classy and add perfect colour and vitality to your home decor. Moreover, smaller rooms need multipurpose items with various uses, and these fake books can double as storage units for your valuables.

For more such home decor insights, check out the five unique book decor ideas we have compiled for you.

England London Book Decoration

If you love to collect souvenirs while travelling to the nooks and crannies of the world, you can incorporate them into home decor. You can also invest in fake book decor with covers indicating the major locations you have travelled to. They will add leverage to your bookshelf.

Italy Flowers Fake Book Decor Set

Italian decor is a much-talked-about subject around the world. Many architects and designers emulate Italian decor ideas to give their homes an ornate look. If you admire the classic Italian laid-back decor, get a fake book decor set promoting the same.

Jenny Rose Innes Book Decoration

The famed interior designer and author Jenny Rose-Innes has written several books exploring the nitty-gritty of interior decor, giving valuable home decor insights. Keeping this green-toned fake book of Rose-Innes on your coffee table will add colour to your room.

Marble Art

Marble decors are classy and elegant and have a lot of variety. We have a beautiful faux book in-store with pastel-shaded marble cubes on the cover. The typography on the cover is simple and effective and will add a refined look to your home.

Party of Life

Keith Harring's pop art is famous for its liveliness, colours, and vivacity. With our fake books, you can get one with Harring's ‘Party of Life’ copy. The colours will add a fun and lively touch to your room.


What more can you ask for when you merge storage space and aesthetics into a single decor item? Give your home decor a subtle lift with fake books. If unique, quirky and eye-catching pieces align with your taste, you will enjoy the home decor insights at the Bookdecorfactory!