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Top 7 Fake Book Home Office Decor Designs

Top 7 Fake Book Home Office Decor Designs

Posted by Josh Phillips on 2nd Oct 2023

Finding the perfect balance in a home or office decor can take time, leaving us torn between excess and insufficiency. That's where Bookdecorfactory comes to the rescue. With this store's remarkable range of faux books, you can effortlessly enhance your bookshelves, desks, or any other area you wish to embellish. Moreover, these faux books cleverly conceal a hollow space within, providing a discreet storage solution for small items like keys, remotes, or pamphlets. Not only do these faux books exude an air of elegance and refined taste, but they also serve a practical purpose by reducing clutter.

Here are the top 7 faux book office and home decor options available on Bookdecorfactory to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living or working space:

Bondi Beach Australia

Introducing a captivating faux book home decor collection inspired by global destinations and design trends. Crafted with botanical motifs and retro typography, this 8-piece set effortlessly enhances your living room. Each piece represents a unique location, infusing your space with an aura of cultured elegance.

Crossed Fingers Keith Haring Art Fake Book Décor

Elevate your living space with the captivating allure of Keith Haring's Crossed Fingers faux book office decor. This meticulously crafted art piece embodies the essence of pop art and retro typography, exuding a vibrant charm that seamlessly enhances any coffee table or bookshelf.

Inspire Your Home Faux Book Decoration

This exquisite collection of faux book home décor sets includes seven intricately designed pieces featuring iconic watches, rustic cabin beauty, forest landscapes, and chic interiors. Crafted carefully, these faux books add charm and style to your living space.

Live Beautiful Fake Book Decoration

Introducing a captivating faux book office decor set that evokes the allure of vintage libraries. Crafted with intricate detail, these faux books bring timeless elegance to any space. The subtle combination of earthy tones and hidden storage adds charm and practicality, making it a sophisticated addition to your home.

Red Truck Christmas Season

This beautiful faux book home décor sets the essence of a winter wonderland. With its captivating imagery of a red truck, snowfall, and beautifully decorated Christmas trees, this art piece brings warmth and joy to your living room. Create a cozy atmosphere with this elegant, handcrafted design.

The Dead Sea Table Décor

Decorate your living room with this captivating 5-piece faux book set. Each book features a blend of nature, culture, and elegance, from the serene Dead Sea to the vibrant fashion of 1955 Paris. Embrace the artful fusion of beauty and sophistication, adding a touch of allure to any space.

Wake Up Coffee Table Décor

Transform your living space with this exquisite set of faux book decor. Inspired by the timeless beauty of Matisse's art and the vibrant energy of Paris in the 1980s, these vintage-inspired pieces add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bookshelf or coffee table. Indulge in the allure of typography retro design and elevate your DIY home decor effortlessly.


Bookdecorfactory boasts an extensive collection of diverse fake book decor designs, from contemporary typography to elaborate floral art. Discover unparalleled, exquisite pieces that effortlessly blend functionality and elegance for your home decoration needs.