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Top 7 Fake Books Collection for Home Decor

Top 7 Fake Books Collection for Home Decor

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 16th Aug 2023

The surroundings you live in can tell a lot about you. This is precisely why people decorate their houses to make them look as beautiful as possible. Moreover, a well-organized and well-decorated home will ooze a greater sense of positivity and charm than an unkempt one. Putting up wall art is now a cliche - you need unique ideas to give your home a makeover worthy of making it stand out from others.

If you want to upgrade your home decor, you can incorporate faux books to make your home look more elegant. An added benefit is that these fake books have hollow chambers inside to store essential items.

Check out these 7 faux books that are great tabletop decor products.

Bunch of Flowers Book Decoration

Flowers can bring charm and positive vibes to every corner of a room. You can achieve the same with a floral faux book - you can use it as a tabletop decor to give a finer look to your coffee table.

Delicious Places Book Decoration

If you want to showcase encyclopedia-like book titles in your home, you should get these faux books to enhance your decor. The academic design of these oozes a sense of sophistication.

Golden Age Faux Book Decoration

Merchandise from the Hollywood fashion industry is always in vogue. You can purchase faux books focusing on the Golden Age of Hollywood to appear in line with this trend. The classic black-and-white covers will instil a sense of glamour in the room.

Home D├ęcor Table Decor

A home decor faux handbook will only add to your interest in redecorating your home through decor items. Get this wheatish-toned one to suit any modern or contemporary room decor.

Lavender Coffee Table Decor Shelf Decor

Give your coffee table a brand-new look with this lavender-themed faux book. The handmade lookalike cover will give your house a rustic and homely feel.

Merry Christmas Faux Book Decor

Christmas calls for an overall redecoration of homes. Now even your coffee table can get a new makeover with a Christmas-themed faux book. Home decor products like these will only spread cheer and joy!

Rose Fake Book Decor

Roses can entice anyone. Impart the value of love and beauty with an elegant rose art-covered faux book. The white, pale pink and light yellow roses are visually pleasing. They will enthral any onlooker!


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